April 24, 2024

A Journey To a Pond

Man thinking on a train journey.
Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Water is an interesting substance. Known mostly for the basic needs it fulfills, it also is neat to look at it in ponds. One of my favorite places to go on my trip to visit a friend this past summer was their pond. Call it a pond or a lake, it still has the same idea: a body of water that you could swim, play, boat, or marvel in.

I found that the time that I liked the pond the most was in the morning. When first the sun came up, it started to evaporate the water and cause a mist or fog coming off of it. I can remember the first time that I saw it. I’m not quite sure how to describe the translucent vapors coming off of it into the air, and thinking of how incredible the whole process of evaporation was. You could study and know all about the water cycle, but the Author of it is much more incredible than even it.

One morning, while out at the pond, I was dangling my feet over the edge of the dock. It was something my friend had me do, and my feet could just touch the water. That morning, the water was still. It looked almost as glass, and as my feet touched the water it caused ripples. As my two feet moved back and forth, the ripples that came from them grew. I could see that they went forward a long ways, and back to the shore.

As I sat there, thinking to myself, I began to think of the world in which we live. I thought about how it is easy to become content in just letting things be the way they are. I began to see the two feet as those that would stand for Him and be willing to make waves. The two feet, though they were size ten and a half, caused ripples that had much wider an impact because they were willing to stand for Him.

The next morning, I went out, but the pond was quite different. The wind, which Christ likens to the Spirit in His talk with Nicodemus in John’s Gospel, was blowing steadily across the water. I looked at it and thought of how the Spirit is the one really at work in the world today. Beyond our comprehension, He is at work preparing lives, making intercession for us, and comforting us. I saw that He was really the one doing the work, as we stood. His power was far reaching, covering the whole world. I stood in awe, wondering why we were so hesitant to serve Him when He was in control.

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