May 21, 2024

In The Stillness

A Christmas tree farm in Iowa, United States.
A Christmas tree farm in Iowa, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Saturday I’ve decided to post some of the things I wrote while on vacation to a Christmas Tree farm in northern Pennsylvania. I believe the observations are timeless, and so I thought I’d share them.

The greatest lessons in life can often be learned by listening. It is what comes into our minds and hearts that influences what we are and what we will become. The things that we read, watch, and listen to effect our lives more than we could possibly ever imagine. A lot of who we are is made up of what we take or let come into ourselves.

In the stillness of a quite farm, a lot of things can be learned. Lots more, sometimes, than studying endless numbers of books or being up on the latest events. It is here, in the quietness of nature that all things complex become simple, and the simple things of this world become complex.

In nature, we begin to see all the wonder and handiwork of the Creator and begin to marvel at all that He has made. We begin to see a bit of the nature of Him. We see His thoughtful and loving care, not even letting a sparrow fall without His notice. We see the purity and amazing design and we begin to be entranced in that we cannot fully comprehend, His love for us.

I’d like to take you on a journey with me through the thoughts and beauty of the nature that He has created. In it, He shows the principles that He has ordained, and shows Himself through it.

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