June 16, 2024

Weekend Kindnesses

I know, I’m late. This weekend was full of the unexpected. I was to be away this weekend, enjoying some time with family. That amount of time grew as events happened that were completely out of our control– but kindness was shown along the way, and though I didn’t get to the mission, I will write about those acts done toward me and my family.

The first night we were away, we attended the final night of a Vacation Bible School. My children were accepted in as one of the gang, caught up with the verses, and given plastic coins they could use to purchase snacks (mostly for Virtuous Blonde!). They were treated with love and acceptance!

The next day we were at the beach throwing rocks in the water when we found out that our modis aperendi would not start. We first tried to get a jump from this man in smaller car. When that did not work, a rougher/stronger looking guy came over and offered his higher powered alternator to see if we could get it going. He stayed working on it (showing me kindness) even when…

…My mother-in-law volunteered her AAA card and her phone. I had tried my AllState card, but they couldn’t find a tow truck in the area. While waiting for AAA…

My mother-in-law found a client of hers that lived close by that was able to take my family home while I waited for the tow truck…

Who, even though we were more than five miles from the repair shop decided not to charge me the extra mileage!

I did make it to the store last night, and I did have someone show kindness to me– the cashier recognized that we overpaid and made sure we got $10 back. But that wasn’t the mission!

Thanks to all those who showed kindness on my trip. You all were greatly appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Kindnesses

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  2. Isn’t it a blessing when things are going so wrong just to have at least 1 thing go right?!

    I’m looking forward to reading about the next mission.

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