June 16, 2024

Marines are not Human

Marines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s amazing and a testimony to our country that the people we have fighting for it are men that are dedicated to the cause and give it their all. One Air Force Colonel recounts some stories from the front that show just how dedicated our marines are at being with their men and fighting the enemy.

He lists the stories of three marines– one who refused to take a waiver and came to attention every time the doctor entered the room (despite the fact that he had lost a leg below the knee), one that wanted to study math texts so that he could train to fire artillery since he would now be too slow (lost a leg above the knee) to be part of the infantry, and one that lost his arm wanted it back to stuff it and use as a club!

These men were not going to let anything stop them from doing the work that they were called to do. Physical hardship and pain were not going to get in the way of their mission. Should they not be able to do something because of a disability, they learn to do something else to contribute.

Are we like this as Christians or do we let things get in the way? When we have financial or physical setbacks do we consider ourselves of no longer use, or do we retool and find a different avenue. In this spiritual battle we are in, do we see the high calling of Christ as something that needs to be fought no matter what happens to us– and that we want to be a part of the winning team– or do we see setbacks as things that will make us useful in His service. You have a choice– what will you choose?

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2 thoughts on “Marines are not Human

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this. My cousin was a Marine, and he and I corresponded during Desert Storm…Marines are incredible and they’ll always have a special place in my heart and prayers.
    I already shared my favorite line from the movie World Trade Center, but that Marine in the movie not only went to help in NYC immediately, he also volunteered for two terms of duty in Iraq right after 9/11.
    As for your question for Christians, the financial setback angle has often left me frustrated! It’s easy to think of ways to minister when money isn’t an issue…how much more frustrating to be confined to bed…but I’ve heard of people like this who have a note-writing ministry or spend their time continually praying for others. Some of these people are a real testimony to God’s grace, their joy is incredible for what they’re going through…

  2. It’s always remarkable to see what God does through people that are behind the scenes. Even if you can’t do the “big stuff” in front, there’s always prayer– what a mighty tool we never really take complete hold of!– and other ministries that we can do!

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