April 24, 2024

What Would It Take?

In South Africa, a new development has local and national governmental leaders wondering what course of action to take.  The government is providing to all people suffering from AIDS a “cock-tail” of drugs that keep them  functioning and and productive.  The problem is that the welfare that these people would get if they were feeling ill does not kick in unless they continue to feel sicker.  So, people have opted to stop taking drugs– risking their lives– in order to provide the welfare for their family.

We see this all the time as far a government underestimating people.  We give support to single moms, and more mothers become single to get the aid.  We give the poor food stamps and welfare, and they choose not to leave it– and why should they?  People are supporting them having “the easy life.”  For some, the only stigma is the fact that they’re welfare recipients.

As for the case in South Africa, these poor people are choosing death to support their family.  What would it take for you?  What event in your life, or what position would need to find yourself in order for you to opt to do physical damage to yourself in order for a family member or another to prosper?

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2 thoughts on “What Would It Take?

  1. There are way too many people taking advantage of our government and they just keep on milking it. I cannot begin to tell you how many people are on disability and yet seem to be able to do the same things that I do? I find that infuriating.

    One time a very very obese couple came in claiming to be disabled paid $150 dollars to do two wraps. And they did this before heading out to a lake which is three hours away!! A wrap is a luxury only the wealthy can afford, yet they forked out the money like nothing. I know I can’t just blow that kind of money, that is grocery money for me and my family.

    I feel so sorry for those people who are truly disabled and rejected by the government yet they support the liars and continue to baby them. I think it has to be proven without a doubt that a person should receive disability, welfare and food stamps and a limit should be placed on the welfare and the food stamp recipients. Enough is enough!!

  2. If anyone is still wondering why our schools are awful, this is why. No one knows how to think much less think for themselves. South Africa is a good indication of where we’re heading. No one in government is going to pipe up and say “hey, if we do this then ‘x’ might happen”. That’s what an informed electorate is supposed to do. Guess what, such a thing doesn’t exist.

    Nice blog, btw. Thanks for the link.

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