May 23, 2024

The People Still Have to Wait to Have Their Say

Massachusettes has had a roller coaster ride on the topic of same-sex marriage. First they had the idea foisted upon them by a court. Then they had the decision come down that only those that were Mass. citizens could have this marriage. This was followed by efforts to recall the justices and a marriage amendment proposal.

The marriage amendment proposal was taken to court recently, and the court said that the amendment could go ahead. Now the issue is stalled in the legislature. It seems that, even though this issue is hot, they want to put this off until after the elections instead of coming down to a vote to show people where they stand.

This is typical politics with this flashpoint issue, and should not have been allowed to have been passed up. Romney should make the congress stay around until this issue is decided. The people have been more than patient here and have the right to be heard.

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2 thoughts on “The People Still Have to Wait to Have Their Say

  1. Its all part of the game. God forbid we actually handle pressing issues for the sake of the people! Let’s just make sure we get re-elected first and then pretend to care very much so once we have won.

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