May 27, 2022

Trucker Blockade For Freedom Feels a Lot Like 1776

Call it what you will, a blockade, a protest, a freedom convoy, but the truckers on the Canadian side of the US/Canadian border have everyone talking. While most people thought that the next revolution would be found in Washington D.C. on January 6 when a bunch of unarmed people were let into the US Capitol building by the Capitol police before one of them being shot, instead it has happened many miles to the north with unlikely weapon– multi-ton trucks.

What started out as a protest of mandatory vaccine passports to cross the border has morphed into a general complaint against that country’s government, attempting to persuade or force them into rolling back all COVID-19 mandates, not just the vaccines.

As of now, they’ve won a few of the provinces saying they will roll back mask mandates, mandatory vaccine requirements, and other things in their areas of control (following many other countries and US states that have already done as much), but they are after the big prize– getting Ottawa to change the rules on the border, and with no way to go back on their word once they leave.

The dilemma for the government with this kind of rebellion is that it doesn’t look like what they would hope for, it’s pretty much legal, and it isn’t going away.

If there isn’t a law against going slowly or stopping on a road, how is it illegal? If they aren’t physically hurting anyone, they have their own food/water, and they are not harming the place they are in, how do you get them to go away. They are physically imposing, and if the towing companies will not remove them, once their air brakes go off, none of them are moving without 30 minutes to an hour each truck.

If the people stick together and are willing to be imprisoned, are being bankrolled to pay fines and lawyer fees, then how do you intimidate them?

The people always have the power when they get upset enough. There are just too many of them. This is why, around the creation of the Declaration of Independence, it was understood that all government derives its authority by consent of the governed. Those in leadership often assume that they can continue to take more power unto themselves, but if they are not careful they will find that the people will do whatever they can to take back that power– and it often looks different than what you expect.

In 1776 it was people in the backwoods, using guerrilla tactics and the knowledge of the new world to defeat the mighty British Army and secure independence. In 2022, it looks awfully like a bunch of truckers parking their huge trucks in the capital of Canada with support from people around the world to proclaim an end to the COVID-19 pandemic hysteria.

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