April 16, 2024

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Banks have been applying ESG scoring to evaluate investments and to determine risk. One would assume that applying ESG scoring would eliminate investing in totalitarian states like China but alas, banks generally leave their social consciousness at home when it comes to China.

If banks want to “judge” investments based on environmental, social, or governance, who are we to complain, but ESG isn’t just used by banks — you have an “ESG” score.

Have a bank account? Chances are you can find your “ESG” score somewhere on your account.

You Have a Social Credit Score, and You Don’t Even Know It

More than 1,000 students attend Huntington High. The mini revival took place last week during COMPASS, a daily, “noninstructional” break in the schedule during which students can study for tests, work on college prep or listen to guest speakers, said Cabell County Schools spokesperson Jedd Flowers.

Flowers said the event was voluntary, organized by the school’s chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He said there was supposed to be a signup sheet for students, but two teachers mistakenly brought their entire class.

Christian revival at school prompts student walkout in W.Va.
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