June 27, 2022

What I’m Reading – 2021-11-16

Politifact Completely Whiffs on a Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Fact-Check’ and Feeds a Meltdown in the Process

A lot of people don’t understand gun laws in various states. From the prosecutor pointing a gun at the jury to fact-checkers not understanding gun laws, this trial is a mess. Hope the aftermath is managable.

These People are Not Stable

Oregon Governor has a crazy mask fashion choice– check it out.

Scottsdale Arizona School Board Votes to Remove President After Moms Discover Secret Surveillance of Parents and Children

Really? Secret dossiers on parents and children? I mean, I can understand having a picture and a name to make sure you remember what child belongs with what parent– that kind of thing. I mean, you get that at the local Sam’s Club. But this is too far.

Vermont Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy, The Longest Serving Senator, Will Not Seek Reelection

Happy retirement, Senator. Oh, he’s 81 this year.

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