March 4, 2024

Commentary Roundup

Security Moms

Jane Chastain details the thoughts of a “security mom” of the 2004 election. These are the women of this election who are more concerned about the safety of themseleves and their families than anything else.  We have a whole new dynamic out there since the Soccer moms from 2000.  Things are not the same since 9/11, and 9/11 is still on people’s minds.

Younger Voters

Ben Shapiro writes about his generation and how they will vote– what’s important to them.  His point is roughly the same as Jane’s from above.  Bush is cleaning Kerry’s clock when it comes to the ability to defend this country.  Though the younger generation are all over the board when it comes to morals, they are more willing to try inventive ideas– such as personal account for social security– than other age groups.

I saw this first hand the other night in a meeting while looking for a new pastor.  The group wondered if we should not provide health insurance for the new pastor, and just rely on the government’s alternative.  When I brought up my objection to relying on the government– the same old argument was trotted out: but they’re giving it for free!  It then went into this whole discussion of stewardship of God’s money.  Like God can’t provide health insurance if needed!  The kicker was when an older guy at the meeting said that he once thought my way, but as you get older, you get more practical.

Mission Accomplished

Michael Regan talks about the President’s fly in to the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.  The mission of that great ship, and the toppling of Saddam’s regime was accomplished– no matter how many times CBS Radio News says “and 4000 troops have been killed since President Bush flew to the aircraft carrier to announce Mission Accomplished.”  This is– tongue and cheek– not biased, just hard news facts.


Nat Hentoff has a piece about genocide is Sudan.  This is some scary and serious stuff.  Why we can let this happen when we have all the questions about why we let the holocaust continue…

Saving Babies

And on a happy note, Matt Abbott shares a couple of stories here about saving babies lives on the streets outside abortion clinics. 

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