June 23, 2021

Rest in Peace, Rush Limbaugh

Doing what he believed that he was born to do– gifted by God to do– Rush Limbaugh passed out of this life and met his maker at the age of 70. This had been expected for quite some time, as the radio host had dealt with cancer and wasn’t even sure he’d be alive until election day. A man that had backed then President Trump’s reelection and spent his last years trumpeting the cause of Conservatism on the radio waves, Rush creates a vacuum that many will attempt to fill, but he and his influence will not soon be forgotten.

Over the years he’s stay true to conservatism, though until recently his personal life was not conservative. Having had multiple wives and no children, he did support pro-life causes. His addiction to pain medicine led to him having an implant in order for him to hear, and his early addiction to smoking effecting leading to the cancer that eventually lead to his death.

Near the end of his life, Rush pronounced faith in Christ, and his brother, David, is a professing Christian. Rush said that David was part of the reason for him to trust Christ for his life, and he regularly credited God for his talent– though one couldn’t be sure if that was shtick or a firm belief.

I pray that he is in Heaven today, and that he will spend all of his time singing the praises of his Savior with as much passion as he proclaimed Conservatism down here on Earth.

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