April 10, 2021

When a Fly Is the Most Memorable Thing About a Vice Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential debates are weird things in American politics. They’re seated at tables. Fewer people pay attention. They talk about the top of the ticket. Other than a general feeling, rarely do they matter.

This one was more of the same.

Here, about a week after the VP debate between VP Pence and Sen. Harris, I find myself not remembering much about it.

During this whole political season, and especially in the last month, I find myself wishing that there were actual, non-biased fact checking– or maybe a couple of people fact checking each side to the same degree. Instead, we have a lot of spin… and the reality is that is that fact checking does not matter.

Oh, the truth does matter, don’t get me wrong. The issue is that, to a certain extent, both sides believe they are speaking the truth because of their worldview and rhetoric. All you had to do was listen to Sen. Harris and you know that not only do the liberals believe that they are better for America, but Trump and Russia are terrible, completely wrong, and evil. It’s not policy disagreements, it’s good vs. evil. I didn’t get that verbiage from Pence.

What I did hear is that the Democrats aren’t going to talk court packing, they’re going to blame the current economy on Trump, not COVID-19, while at the same time saying that they would lock down the economy like Trump didn’t. The other thing we’re going to keep hearing is the hoaxes: The “Fine People Hoax” the “Losers Hoax” and all the other ones.

The tactic is to make the election a referendum on Trump, which is what it definitely is in the media. We’ll know whether this tactic will work sometime after November 3.

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