April 21, 2021

QAnon: A Force for Good or an Evil Distraction?

QAnon has gone worldwide. In 2016 there were multiple Anons that were claiming to be Trump Administration insiders who were righting wrongs and knew things that the “normies” didn’t know, but Q has maintained and grown a following like no other. There’ve been FBI Anons, MegAnon, some have “lived” on Reddit and others 4chan and 8chan.

QAnon has an ecosystem, followers that try to decipher their every posting, complex clock wheels, charts, diagrams, and all of it is encouraged by Q but rarely if ever accepted. All of this to get the people “awake” (see Great Awakening) to what’s going on, and all with “proofs” that are good enough to keep people following even when predictions don’t come through.

Every break is just around the corner. Something’s always just about to break through. Or Q is silent for a time while things of consequence happen– things that it would be nice to have an insider’s perspective on it.

My reading of QAnon

I haven’t been following QAnon since the beginning, but I have been reading Q posts for a most of the time they have been posting. I don’t watch the YouTub videos. I hardly follow anyone claiming to understand what Q is saying– though if there’s something that seems in code I have looked around at what people are saying– and most of the time it’s a stretch and doesn’t make sense. At least to me with my analytic mind. Perhaps I’m just not smart enough.

Proofs – Why do people believe Q is legit?

The media often ignore why people actually believe that Q is an insider, close to President Trump, and is more than some LARP. They figure people are gullible and I have yet to see an article looking at the Q Proofs and disproving them.

The site Qproofs has a list of many proofs Q has used to show he is an insider. Most of them come in the forms of matching timestamps between posts to Trump’s twitter feed and his posts to 8chan. By showing that he could post within the same minute of Trump, that he could have phrasing similarities to Trump or sometimes have Trump say things that were asked by people on 8chan, Q proved to most of the readers that someone next to Trump was posting– or if the signature was Q+ that it might actually be President Trump himself.

Believes masks are incredibly comfortable and in the future everyone will be wearing one!

The problem with anonymous sources is the same of that of the Dread Pirate Roberts. Anyone who has seen the movie The Princess Bride knows that the real Dread Pirate Roberts had long since retired and was living like a king in Patagonia, and that Wesley was the third Dread Pirate Roberts after Cummerbund.

The same holds true for Q. Not only is it not a single individual, but there are debates as to whether it’s the same individual. Some say that Q changed each time the board changed (4chan to 8chan to 8kun, etc). Sometimes it’s said that President Trump authored a Q post, and sometimes it’s someone else.

For a long time Q seemed to say that all would be revealed as to his/their identity when someone asked POTUS about Q, or the press secretary. But that’s happened now, and neither the Press Secretary or POTUS has said that they know anything about Q– though President Trump did not totally disavow it.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias seems to be at play a lot when it comes to Q, as much as any kind of conspiracy theory. Those that create the videos and other information bend what is said to fit. This helped keep people interested earlier on because everything seemed to be a puzzle to be solved. Q would say that 8 letters represents the beginning of something, and they’d attach it to WHITAKER who took over from Sessions after 2018. Q would seem to support this, until Acting AG Whitaker stepped down and William Barr took his place. Now the eight spaces were for BILLBARR. See how that works?

In 2020, Q postings themselves have been less frequent and less cryptic and more information that could be available without a security clearance. There are definitely fewer puzzles, with the last few being centered around the positioning of Catherine Heritage’s highlighters in her posts. Lately, Q is posting what would be considered outcomes of what has happened, rather than predictions on the future.


While the posting from Q themselves is less frequent, the amount of articles and popularity of Q is growing– even nationwide. Q followers attribute this to people getting scared about being found out, and that they wouldn’t do this all for a LARP (Live Action Role Play). In recent weeks, there’s been attempts to frame Q followers as radical right-wing movement, loosely aligned with Trump to the point that maybe there’ll be a false flag operation they can hang on Trump.

All descriptions of the group go about the same way– deep state pedophile Satan worshipers against Trump. I won’t claim to speak for the bunch, but here’s what I would think a more honest representation of Q would be:

A Better Summary

Q claims to be a group of high level people that were around before President Trump with an interest in saving the nation from the deep state corruption that was there. They chose Trump to be their vehicle for change because of his outsider/business persona, and recruited him to the task. They are insiders, with close access to POTUS and understand things about the nature of power and corruption that are around the world based on their access to US intelligence at the highest levels. They seem to be linked into the NSA and are bound by certain US rules as far as the handling of intelligence.

Their purpose is stated about exposing and rooting out corruption in the US government to free the people of the United States from the tyranny of the globalist/communist domination.

Every discussion point, be it Flynn, Epstein, Barr, Mueller, Soros, Snowden or the like is all centered around this battle to defeat the deep state and tyranny.

They have encouraged people to do research, to figure things out, to be observant, but never to engage physically. While there was encouragement to wear Q gear or to support POTUS, they have never sought to organize, riot, loot or protest– which is why many Q people laugh when they are compared to BLM and the like.

They do tie to religion with some Scripture citations (which may be linked to clues), telling readers to put on the armor of God and saying that they are on God’s side, and that ultimately God wins. Even these seem tangential to their goals.

My Opinion

At worst I think they are a Right Wing PsyOp. Especially now where they’re hardly posting and it’s no longer predictive. They want Trump to win, and “Q Patriots” are as locked in a voting group as Trump will ever get. Q is hardly falsifiable at this point, and those that follow him have had to rationalize a lot of problems with predictions away to the point where Q could probably give a date and time that Hillary would be put into GITMO and tried for treason, and when it didn’t happen they would say the date was in code and try to figure out when the real date was.

And Q is not that naive to do that. When he does make predictions about dates, it’s with pictures of watch faces and things that are malleable.

You can’t shrug off all the things that have happened in the past, but you can also come up with ways that Q could be gaming the system. If you have access to Twitter platform scheduling somehow (through a hack?) you could do the post-at-the-same-time thing convincingly. If you knew POTUS was going to say something because it’s a preplanned speech, you could get someone to ask him to say it before he does, or tweet out things before it happens.

To what end, though?

Q’s impact is best measured in convincing people not to trust the media, and to see that their leaders are corrupt. In that they’ve been a positive. There is much more filth and sin with people in power than I think we’ll ever know– or want to know. For that, Q has been useful.

Anyone looking to Q to tell them when justice will come for SpyGate will only be disappointed, I’m afraid.

Find Q’s posts at: QMap

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