April 13, 2024

Trump’s Relationship with QAnon

On last night’s Hannity, Pres. Donald Trump gave a wide ranging interview after the long anticipated Mueller report. In it was a nod to QAnon as well as a response that QAnon told people to look for:

Hannity – March 28, 2019 phone interview with President Donald J. Trump

Q Proofs

Weak Verifications

For some time, Q has claimed verification or proofs by offering up a variety of items. They make some cryptic predictions, and when something related happens they claim it as a prediction that came true. They show pictures of pens and watches and interpret them however they want to. These are all highly circumstantial and hard to pin down either way.

There are also predictions that you don’t know what to make of them. For example, Q predicted last year that the Army Corps of Engineers would be responsible for building the wall. How it could be known a year in advance that Trump wouldn’t get funding (either from the House or the Democrats) seems a stretch given the amount of time unless Trump were actively trying to fail to blame the Democrats– it’s possible, but hard to believe.

The last in this class of verifications is the Twitter/8chan posting times. These are the most prolific and also the biggest question marks. It certainly could be that the person authoring the tweet from Trump’s account and from Q’s account could be in the same place, or have given each team a heads up about when a post is going to go live. It’s also possible that since verified Twitter accounts can schedule posts (and other 3rd party services do this as well) that someone at Twitter or with a backdoor could be figuring out the time to post just to make this verification.

Many in the Q community think that the timestamp proof is the strongest (the sheer number of them), but this one really doesn’t impress me that much.

Strong Verifications

It is in this class of verifications where you begin to wonder just what is going on.

There have been multiple times where Trump is on video pointing out Q members in the audiences. “Air Qs,” where Trump makes a gesture in the air with his hands, are present, but who knows if they’re legit.

There have been times where Trump has made statements that include the code words from Q– either in a Twitter post or in an interview. During an Easter celebration at the White House, Trump said a phrase that sounded out of place and was exactly what was asked for from Q.

Last night, it went a step further.

Trump is Allowing Q to Continue

The Interview

Last night, Trump did two things that verified Q. First, he took questions about Congressman Adam Schiff and called him a liar. Q has been saying that Congressman Schiff knows that there was no collusion via the Gang of 8 briefings but has been pushing the lie anyway. Pres. Trump called Schiff a liar and confirmed basically the same thing.

When asked about pardoning Gen. Flynn, Pres. Trump prefaced the remark with a phrase about people being in darkness and now being brought into light. Dark to Light is a very familiar phrase to anyone who has been following Q for any length of time– and it pops up everywhere. It’s juxtaposition with remarks about Flynn, right before it and it sounds like he’s picking his words carefully… in my opinion this was a planned call out to QAnon followers. I’ve long thought that if Q is legit that Flynn plays a part.

Trump Likes Q

It is therefore my supposition that one of two things is possible. Either Trump and some of his team are Q/Q+, or Trump is fine with Q and encouraging it because of the way that it strengthens a base around him and gives those followers a worldview in which he is the righteous one to follow who will make all things right.

This isn’t Trump’s first run-in with conspiracy theories, as he famously waded into the Obama Birth Certificate debate and was called one of the more prominent “Birthers”.

Other than Pres. Trump coming out in public saying that he and his team are behind Q, or naming the names of people he knows are in it, I’m not sure how you would separate these two possibilities out.

Trump always gives himself plausible deniability (Q told readers as much in a post a few days back) so that he could say he wasn’t a part of it.

Trump could be behind it and exaggerating for effect. He does this a lot in his normal way of life– being directionally accurate but factually stretching it.

It is persuasive for many people and it will only grow if prosecution of those involved in Democrat scandals start happening.

Where do you stand on Q/QAnon?

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