May 29, 2022

Shh! No More About that Whistleblower!

Over the weekend, many posts came from QAnon to the 8chan message boards– compared to the relative silence during the month of November. Things heated up during a broadcast of Hannity on Friday night, when Q seemed to be telling the source of Sara Carter and John Solomon‘s report to not reveal any more because it wasn’t time yet. Wait for Monday.

‘Course they had already said this much:

Q added, for good measure:

Which implies that those people that doubted that former AG Jeff Sessions and Investigator Huber were doing anything are mistaken, and very soon everyone will know.

So this warrants a little more development. Anyone following Q for any length of time will know the phrase “TRUST SESSIONS” or “TRUST HUBER” or “TRUST WRAY” which many took to mean that these people were working on some uber-secret plan to take down the “Cabal” from behind the scenes. Many had come up with their “Stealth Jeff” hypothesis, where AG Sessions would someday emerge to “drop the hammer” down on these people though taking back over the Mueller investigation or some surprise indictments. Something.

Only Trump fired the guy.

This caused many to question whether Q was just a Live Action Role Play (LARP) after all. Much mocking was made, and many went back to believing that nothing would happen.

Frankly, whether you believe that there were some crimes or you’re a full believer in QAnon, the most likely result is nothing happening. That’s the default situation, and even something happening would be out of the ordinary. Though we all believe it unfair for elites and the regular people to have two different forms of “justice” we all know it to be the case and to expect it.

Those reading Q or Seth Abramson (which I view as the Left’s version of Q) know nothing of Trump of these people first hand. We bring our worldviews and opinions to bear and reinforce our positions via confirmation bias. That’s why it pays to keep a level head about these things, while also acknowledging that both sides exist.

Q claims that this is the first and only link from the Huber investigation and gives a warning, followed by a common statement that “PAIN COMING”. He then quotes himself from the past.

This is presented to us as the most effective argument against having a second special counsel– that Huber is better than a second Special Counsel because he has more resources and he is outside of DC.

The last post on this particular topic is this one:

In this post, someone posts the transcript from the video I had at the top, as well as the link. Q responds that what is coming will be for the history books and justice will come.

Trump was negotiating to buy a building

Seth Abramson is very intent on letting us know that Trump was trying to build Trump Moscow at the same time he was running for President:

In this thread, he believes that this is the key to Collusion. About midway through he breaks in with this:

Which sounds really heinous, except there was nothing wrong with negotiating to buy a hotel (as he didn’t know if he would win), and they didn’t get the hotel. That seems like a bad quid-pro-quo if you ask me.

Most of the thread for this one is going through different events tagging on the fact that he was negotiating for the hotel. I found this part of the thread particularly interesting:

Not sure about the 25% number, but on this Q and Abramson agree. Many will not accept whichever way this turns out based on their party affiliation. What will happen– we’ll just have to wait and see.

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