March 4, 2024

A Picture Is Worth Many Sentences

Yesterday, President Trump retweeted a tweet from a follower:

This caused no small stir, as even Rod Rosenstein is in this picture. When asked about it, Trump stated that it was fine to include him because he chose Robert Muller to be special counsel.

What’s interesting is that Q seems to have picked up on it today with his latest missive:

The usual statement is that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it didn’t take much for people to infer that “many sentences” could mean that many people will be sentenced for crimes– something many Q watchers have believed would be coming for some time now.

Locked and Loaded? Q followers seem to think that now that the Senate is complete (53-47) and the Supreme Court has Kavanaugh that all we’re waiting for is whomever he means is loaded.

Many think that it is Investigator Huber from Utah, who is due to testify regarding the Clinton Foundation on Wednesday, December 5th [D5].

The other post from Q today was this picture:

Which Q followers believe was taken in a Hyatt hotel in China– in a city that Q has mentioned before.

Others wonder if Locked and Loaded might be Loretta Lynch.

As always, people are speculating everywhere and very rarely is anything Q says falsifiable.

Trump says that he’s not going to declassify unless his political opponents in the House in 2019 force his hand. He’s keeping it for leverage, and that’s exactly how The Conservative Treehouse reads the ongoing events.

Meanwhile, Seth Abramson is sure that it’s all crashing down around Trump now:

Between Cohen’s plea deal, the old news about Trump’s hotel in Russia and now Trump calls off meeting with Putin, he’s basking in sales of his book Proof of Collusion which he took news items from all over the main stream media to piece together how Trump colluded with Russia.

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