May 30, 2023

Are We Really the Land of the Free, Or Is It a Charade?

Guy with LaptopI’m beginning to wonder if we’re living in the middle of a change in our country, only because we’re living in it we don’t see the change.  We now live in a country that has the technology to allow the President of the United States to have a kill list that he can give to people in a office building who can use real life drones like a computer game to take out people in far off places—or American citizens.

We have people eavesdropping on conversations and reading e-mails from citizens that they were not supposed to, that they did not have permission to read, and yet ensnaring people—regardless of whether what they did was wrong.

One Mayor even recorded a reporter’s conversations with him without consent.

It’s a brave new world, where we have new technologies that are arising every day, and we need to be able to trust our leaders to respect our privacy and not take advantage of “what can be done” and to use this knowledge against us.

Why should the law abiding citizen be concerned?  Because right now you may be innocent, but when that hate crime law gets strengthened, or that law against spanking your children gets passed, or you go to protest something peacefully and you get listed as a terrorist, you will find that you wished you had been concerned to keep government as far away from you as possible.

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