May 18, 2024

If I Were Baking a Cake…

This past Mother’s Day, the boys and I attempted to bake some cookies for my wife from a recipe that my oldest found in a magazine that he gets regularly.  The only problem is that when it comes to baking, I’m terrible.

The cookies were flat, the filling was not mixed well enough—it was a disaster.

While Lady Liberty was entrusting us to bring her our tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to be free, she was taking the time to mix and pour these people into Americans. I’m guessing feminism also claimed Lady Liberty, because whomever it was that took over her job didn’t know what they were doing and the potential damage it would cause.

Growing up as an American it’s hard to escape the idea that this country is supposed to be a melting pot—a mixture of immigrants from other countries.  For much of the nation’s history this was the case, but something has happened in the past few decades.

The current government and culture would have you believe that it is fine that people come to this land and keep their culture and practice it here.  They want you to believe that we are stronger while we are different, but I would argue that exactly the opposite is the case, and no where is it more apparent than the divide we witnessed in this last election.

Whereas the country as it was founded was a mix of people that yielded “Americans”, the current batch yields “Hyphenated-Americans.”  These Hyphenated-Americans keep their traditions, they don’t understand American history or the value of liberty, and when you mix it with liberal our liberal education system what you get is a culture that is quickly forgetting where it came from, cannot see where it is headed, and is feasting off of last generation’s gains on the back of next generation’s labor.

Much like when you don’t mix the batter in a dessert you find that certain parts have too much sugar and others too much egg, so America has pockets of liberty and pockets of socialism, and these two are on a collision course.

You know what happens when you have a poorly mixed dessert?  You first try to salvage what you can, but then you end up throwing it out.

Unfortunately, many think we’re already on that second part with our country as well.

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