May 8, 2021

The Number of American Births Continues to Fall

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Once again making the point that some women think it’s economically responsible to kill our children, the government reported today that U.S. births fell for the fourth year in a row.  What’s being blamed for this declined?  The economy.

In fact, if you look at the list broken down by skin color, only Asian/Pacific Islander had a positive increase in babies born, the rest dropped anywhere from half a percent to 3.48% when it comes to Hispanics.

Not only that, but the report stated that for women in their early 20s, there was a 5 percent drop, and that women in their late 30s there was actually an increase.  This tells to me that women are waiting longer to have children.  So not only are they having fewer children, but they’re not giving their best years to raise children, but their latter years—or as the biological clock ticks down.

And as much as the anti-abstinence education group wants to say abstinence-only doesn’t work, the birth rate for teen moms has been falling since 1991, and hit a new low.

What does this all mean?  We are becoming more selfish as a people, and more looking out for ourselves and our current wellbeing instead of the wellbeing of the society.  We are choosing not to have children, not because we cannot afford them so much as that having children will change our lifestyle.

One needs only to look at the same people that are choosing not to have kids and yet pick up the latest cars, electronics and houses to see where their priorities are.

We’ve effectively commoditized children, put them on par with the latest gadget, figured out how much they will cost us over their lifetime (much like a house or car purchase) and forget that they are our true legacy and are paying for much of our social safety net.

Things we sow have a pesky way of reaping in the same vein, and it would not surprise me that a generation or two, learning from their parents, decide that the latest iPhone is more important than paying for grandma’s nursing home care.

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