April 24, 2024

Why Some Women Think It’s Economically Responsible to Kill Our Kids

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Ever the liberal website, Jezebel makes the argument that birth control and abortion are economic issues.  Their reasoning goes something like this:

Here’s a really important, apparently little-known fact that might blow some minds, if only it would sink in: pregnancy and childbirth cost money. A lot of it. And many, many organizations have been trying to point this out for a very long time. People’s grandmothers have already gotten headaches from banging their heads against this wall. So why the notion that women’s health is separate from “the economy” still a notion that’s given any credence whatsoever?

The author then launches into this cost estimate for raising a child, and since there are costs both for the parents and for the country, the reasoning goes, it’s an economic issue that can be solved by either preventing pregnancy from happening or removing the pregnancy if it happens.

What’s telling is the following paragraph:

If you’re a woman in America, nothing is more tied to your economic health than whether or not you have to feed and clothe another human being. Babies are expensive. Pregnancy and child rearing are hard work that fall disproportionately on women.

Certainly, raising children can be expensive, but should we round up every two year old when a parent loses a spouse or a job and kill it, because it’s a cost to society?  I mean, that would logically make as much sense.

Children are our future.  Part of the reason that we could afford Social Security when it was instituted was that there were more workers coming in the next generation than the previous.  However, that’s no longer the case, with most families only reaching replacement levels.  In European countries it’s much less.

Children are a blessing. We need to stop looking at children as dollar figures, as burdens, or as objects that we can either choose to have or choose to do away with.  Women, of all people, should realize what happens to something that becomes objectified—and that’s exactly what the pro-abortion/pro-choice forces have done.

  • A baby is an object with a price tag.
  • A baby is an inconvenience in my well planned life.
  • A baby keeps me from following my dreams.
  • A baby is a burden on the economy.

You listen to all of this and you really do begin to get the impression that children are a nasty parasite instead of the most beloved thing that can happen in the life of a family.  And what really gets me is that these same people will spend almost as much on a family pet!

My grandfather had a bumper sticker on his car that I think sums this up: “Pro-abortion: Too bad your mother didn’t have one.”  It’s snarky, but it gets the point across, don’t you think?

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