May 28, 2022

Will Reid Shut Down the Government?

Right now the two houses of government are in a big game of chicken.  A budget is due at the end of the month, and since neither the Senate nor the President have put forth a budget bill, they are faced with considering a continuing resolution.

So, the Republican lead House put forth one; however, it contains less money for FEMA aid than the continuing resolution put forth by the Senate.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to authorize the spending now, and pay for it later—we all know how well that works.

If he can’t get what he wants, he’s hinting at a government shutdown

The Budget

First off, why is no one being held accountable for the lack of a Federal budget?  Why can’t we take away their pay, or cut back spending automatically?

If the Republicans really wanted to get some votes, they’d promise to pass something in the next Congress that would do just this—there has to be something that prevents the Congress from punting these decisions.

I mean, rule number one of person finance is to have a budget of expenses.  Why?  Because without one you don’t know how to spend your money, and you’re more likely to spend more than you have.

The Shutdown

Perhaps this is exactly what’s necessary to get the job done.  Let the government shutdown and stop spending all unnecessary funds—stop paying the representatives and all the officials and staff that keep government running.  For that fact, send all non-essential personnel home until after the debt commission is done deliberating and bring them back then.

We don’t have the money, and continuing to pretend that everything will be all right is just foolish.

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