May 20, 2024

The Influence of Trumpism Isn’t Going Away

While the GOPe is excited and hoping to forget the past 4 years, no one will forget Trump’s accomplishments or the fact that the GOP worked the first two years against Trump. Remember McCain’s vote that kept ObamaCare?

I admit that I voted for Trump precisely because every politician fails to make their promises, and one that was self-funded and wasn’t beholden to lobbyists might have a chance to deliver on Conservative principles.

So these people aren’t going to turn around and vote for another establishment Republican. They’d probably vote third party instead– especially given what Biden has planned.

I’m not the only one who realizes this:

Here is the fact set Republican elites need to grapple with: Whatever they may want to do about Donald Trump, when Pew asked Republicans about Trump last week:

About half said Trump bears no responsibility at all for January 6 AND that Trump’s conduct since the election has been “excellent/good.”

64 percent said Trump “definitely/probably” won the 2020 election.

57 percent said Trump should remain a political force for many years to come.

And those are the worst numbers Trump has seen. Most polls suggest that the percentage of Republicans who think he won the election is closer to 75 percent.

Put it this way: Who do you think has a brighter future in politics, the 10 House Republicans who voted to pass the article of impeachment against Trump, or the 139 House Republicans who voted to overturn the election?

Break-Ups Are Hard To Do

Some are thinking that the only way a Republican wins is with someone with a larger-than-life personality, or media presence, like a Tucker Carlson:

“Perhaps the next Trump, if there is one, will be another celebrity. Someone with a powerful and compelling persona who traffics in fear and anger and hate. Someone who ‘triggers the libs’ and puts on a show. Someone who already has an audience, who speaks for the Republican base as much as he speaks to them. Republican voters have already put a Fox News viewer into the White House. From there it’s just a short step to electing an actual Fox News personality.” 

“Perhaps the next Trump, if there is one, will be another celebrity. Someone with a powerful and compelling persona…”

And maybe that’s the case. Given that Biden is going to create 11 million more democrat voters if he gets his way.

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