August 14, 2022

75% of World Persecution Targeted At Christians

Flashmob Against Persecution of Christians – H...
Flashmob Against Persecution of Christians – Hanover, Germany (Photo credit: SamGewinski)

To hear them talk, you would believe that atheists were the most persecuted bunch.  It seems that it’s hard to go very long without hearing about some Christian symbol that offends some Atheist, or a motto on a dollar bill that shouldn’t be there, and you get the impression that Christians are persecuting those of other faith.

And yet it’s Christians that are the most persecuted in the world:

The British branch of the 64-year-old, Vatican-approved organization Aid to the Church in Need today released a report finding that a full 75 percent of religious persecution is currently being carried out against Christians. It further claims that, in two-thirds of the countries, this persecution has worsened. “For millions of Christians around the world,” the report states, “persecution, violence discrimination and suffering are a way of life as they live out their faith.”  [75 Percent – HT Vox Day]

It’s both a cause for thanksgiving and a warning.  Thanksgiving because of the blessing of freedom of religion here.  Warning because persecution doesn’t have to stay simply verbal.

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One thought on “75% of World Persecution Targeted At Christians

  1. What percentage of the persecution has been perpetrated by Christians historically do you think? It is not a small number. And a lot of it has been one group of Christians doing it to another group of Christians. It makes sense to find bad behavior and attempt to stop it.

    I think it is troublesome when groups of people just point their fingers at other groups and tell the other groups they are the problem. Pretty much universally people seem to do bad things to other people. We would be better off trying to get people to be kind instead of weighing which group is more unkind than which other group. All groups could be a lot more kind to others.

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