March 4, 2024

Bible Talk Tuesdays

Bible Study

Tuesdays I’ve reserved for talk about Biblical issues, specifically how they relate to our society and culture.  Though I would say that all of what’s written here is from a Biblical worldview and direction, on Tuesdays I want to try to focus in on what the Bible says about different topics specifically.

One of the things that I’ve been wanting to cover, and hopefully this will give me the opportunity, is the concept of the Old Testament law.  Many times it is used to frustrate Christians because it is compared to today’s society and found less charitable than what we do today.  However, I believe that if we look at what is there, we’ll find that there are some real treasures—some ways of dealing with problems that are much better, and sometimes much more practical, than what we do today.

This will also be the day for discussing Creation / Evolution and Atheism / Secularism.

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