May 9, 2021

It’s About Abortion

Supporters of Planned Parenthood
Supporters of Planned Parenthood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you read the articles from Planned Parenthood supporters, you’d get the impression that the House Majority is set to send women back into slavery to men:

The dusty old argument that female sexuality is a subversive force that needs to be strictly controlled isn’t as dead as we thought. The mainstream conservative movement is bringing it out of hibernation, and this time with a twist: now they’re arguing that women need to have their rights taken from them for their own good.  [Female Sexuality Still Terrifying to Conservative Lawmakers – AlterNet]

The problem is that these writers are totally missing the point.  It isn’t about whether women should have access to STD treatments or birth control, but whether or not Federal Dollars should go toward funding Abortion.

The Main Argument

This renewed vigor against abortion started back during the debate over ObamaCare.  When the Pro-Life movement saw that they could almost derail the entire legislation over the Federal Funding issue, and then saw how much they couldn’t trust the Administration to stop Federal dollars from funding Abortion, they wanted to make sure that no Federal Money went toward the practice.

But They Aren’t Funding Abortion, Right?

Yes and no.  The money that the government provides to Planned Parenthood cannot be spent funding Abortions, but can be used for other women’s health needs.  So, on the books they can say that they aren’t supporting abortion.

However, you need to understand math and budgeting.  If Planned Parenthood can take all of its money to spend on performing abortions because the government is funding everything else, then it is the same as if the government is funding abortion—because without government funding they could not perform the procedures.

I have the same issue with the local United Way.  While I have no problem giving to charities—I do on a regular basis—and would donate to them as well, since one of their recipients is Planned Parenthood, even if I allotted my donations to other places, they would just offset the amount they would have given to my chosen location to boost the amount they sent to Planned Parenthood.  So I choose not to donate through them.

If They Really Believed The Goal Was To Help Women…

…they would stop performing abortions and thereby ruin the House’s argument against funding them.  Then they could claim that it was all about women’s sexuality.

Until then, it’s just a smokescreen so that you don’t understand that you’ve been funding abortions with your tax dollars since Planned Parenthood started performing them, and only now is someone (the Republicans in the House) saying it’s time to stop it.

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