May 18, 2024

Attacks From Without

Lybians In Support Of The UN's Actions in Libya
Lybians In Support Of The UN’s Actions in Libya (Photo credit: A.Currell)

Aliens come and attack the Earth.  It’s a common theme in movies of the “Thriller” genre, and in each case what we do not find is Earthlings fighting each other, but them all banding together to fight the common enemy.

So, if this scenario is common, and believable, why would the West decide to get involved in what is clearly an internal Libyan issue, instead of letting that country take care of itself.

I mean, I get it—they have oil and we want to continue to have access to it.  We have that interest in this spot in the desert.  But to what end?

Do our leaders honestly think that if they get involved that this predominantly Muslim nation that really doesn’t like the U.S. would suddenly have good feelings toward us, or would they band together against us?

How was the reaction to our comments in Egypt?  Not so good.

So, why take the chance to allow this people to have a common foe, instead of letting this work itself out?

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