April 11, 2021

Bookmarks for August 16th through August 18th

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These are my links for August 16th through August 18th:

  • CNSNews.com – Fix the Constitutional Falsehoods Congress Carved Into the Capitol’s Marble – “To interpret the general welfare clause ‘as giving a distinct and independent power (to Congress) to do any act they please, which might be for the good of the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless,’ Jefferson said.” This is exactly what has happened in our country today. Congress does whatever it pleases and finds the right to do it in the General Welfare clause.
  • Vox Popoli: You might want to check that – There’s definitely reasons to be skeptical about global warming: “In one example swiftly taken down by NOAA after my first article, readings for June and July 2010 for Lake Michigan showed crazy temperatures off the scale ranging in the low to mid hundreds – with some parts of the Wisconsin area apparently reaching 612 F. With an increasing number of further errors now coming to light the discredited NOAA removed the entire set from public view.”
  • Althouse: “This list isn’t about the mindset of the class of 2014. It’s about the mindset of the people who write it.” – What interests me in this post is the quote from Jefferson. The first section is what’s quoted by just about everyone in a defense of pure libertarianism, “what do I care what a neighbor says about how many gods there are or that there are no gods,” but it’s the second, longer passage that’s interesting. When he gets into the point that the multitude of ideas would be present to prove and refine Christianity, it points to the fact that Christianity was the preferred and best religion at the founding and that it was not expected that it would not continue to be. Far from being a statement about religious equality or pluralism, it’s a statement about the supremacy of Christianity and it’s place in American life. Fascinating.
  • Court halts Calif. gay marriages pending appeal – Yahoo! News – Looks as though the discussion on whether or not to have gay marriage in California, and eventually all the U.S.– or whether states can ban gay marriage– has yet to be decided. For now, no gay marriage in California.
  • Obama uses daughter to promote tourism with swim in Gulf of Mexico | Mail Online – I don’t know… Is it wrong for the President of the United States to have pictures taken of him with his kids for public use? I guess the problem here is that it was a controlled photo-shoot instead of an impromptu one. What do you think?
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