March 4, 2024

Activists, Guns, Trump-Russia and Gates

Quite the mixed bag today. First, I found this at the library last night while looking through children’s books:

I was looking for books for my kids, and I found this book, and as I started to flip through it I found that I was pretty shocked that there would be a book with socialist overtones geared toward kids in my library. Now, I also thought through the fact that some people have this same reaction when a Christian book geared toward children is also in the library (I had skimmed Bearenstein Bears’ and the Big Question earlier in the same trip). That didn’t make it any less shocking and I’m beginning to see that other competing ideas are now becoming more blatant in their placement– it’s becoming more real.

Yesterday I mentioned that I thought there was nothing to the hand signals from Trump. Today Q confirms that it really was meant for the board. I’m still pretty skeptical.

There’s some conversation as to the “blank spaces” in Q’s post and referencing the empty space in a Trump tweet. Again, I’m not sure how to sort out the Q stuff. Seems like someone with access to Twitter data could manufacture these “tells” and after the facts are not proofs.

Hannah Anderson (@sometimesalight) had a really good thread on Twitter today about how to help stop gun violence. This tweet kicked it off, mentioning that it’s not just a single thing:

And she’s right. Guns are inanimate objects. There’s a meme going around where a person is watching his gun and it still hasn’t made any moves. Hannah calls out the fact that men are absent. She says that we shouldn’t expect female teachers to nurture the children and to defend them. The role of men, whether they should be angry here, whether it’s primarily their job to protect, and their absence from families– all of these things are good to discuss. Our culture has decided that being male is bad and leads to this– that every man is a rapist, murderer, etc and what’s happening is part of this. Children fill expectations, whether it’s the people that are saying that teens are going to have sex or that boys are going to commit suicide, etc.

Unfortunately, a cultural shift solution will not work in a society that wants a short term, quick fix.

Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson), after coming off a day deriding President Trump’s question/suggestion to arm ~20% of teachers for bonus pay has come back to the Trump-Russia scandal because of the increase of indictments on Gates and Manafort.

Almost every MSM news outlet is announcing that Gates is expecting to plead guilty and help Mueller soon. Abramson is so convinced that Trump is going down that he posted the following:

This reply to his comment is definitely interesting, because it’s the same thing that Q has been talking about, except about Obama and Hillary.

Both sides of this thing are talking about the fact that there are major things going on that people would not believe and time is being taken to prep the people for the time when their side comes out with the truth and shakes the foundations of the other side. There are whole threads elsewhere attempting to gauge who expects violent rallies– and how their side is better/more controlled.

It is literally a “Bizarro” world situation where both sides believe that the people won’t believe the conclusion and have to be slow walked into understanding. Both sides expect fireworks. It’s really amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this.

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