May 10, 2021

Do We Miss Out By Saying No?


In the film that just came out on DVD, Yes Man stars Jim Carey as Carl Allen, a man that’s stuck in a rut and always says “no.”  He avoids responsibilities, he refuses to try anything new, so when a friend of his brings him to a conference and he’s challenged to say “yes” to any and every query, his life turns upside down.

Now, there are clearly objectionable things in this movie—at least one scene where his acquiescence yields immorality (that takes place off screen but with his reaction), and the climax of the movie doesn’t have our couple wondering about getting married, but moving in together.  But I’m not musing as much about the video—which I wouldn’t advise watching without something like Clear Play running—but I am thinking about how often we say “yes” and “no.”

It’s so easy today for us to not take that chance, to not do something that we don’t want to do, and for us to miss out.  I heard on the radio someone say something along these lines when he said that opportunities are the same as challenges or problems.  Personally, I like to avoid problems when I can—I would like it easy!

But this life isn’t meant to be easy.  Making friends or building your marriage takes work!  There will be things in your job, or the way that you raise your children that will make you wonder why you’re there in the first place.

The truth is that if we’d try things more often, we may find that we like more things, or that we can make friends.  However, it’s so easy to be like how a kid is going to the park.  They don’t want to go up that slide because it seems that it is so high, but if you encourage them (or compel) them to do it once, you’ll find they love it and want to do it again and again.

What are you putting off or saying “no” to because you fear the work or the rejection, when you should try it anyway?

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