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Couple Sunset Adam.  The first man created by God.  We know very little about this man when compared to some of the other greats in the Bible.  And yet, by him we get the names for the animals, from his rib we have woman, and by him sin entered into the world.

And yet one of the first things that we learn about Adam was that God saw that it was not good for man to be alone. (Gen 2:18)

Adam was alone in the garden.  He was the only one of God’s creation without a partner.  All of the animals had partners, and as God brought them one by one for Adam to name he must have saw the look on Adam’s face to know that Adam was wondering where his partner was.

Was God not enough for Him?

This is a really good question.  God is supposed to be everything we need and more—so wasn’t God enough for Adam?

Man was created as a social being.  That means that he was created for interaction with others.  Though God is always enough, God was not going to be a like companion to Adam.  Adam needed an equal, a human like himself, a companion for life, so God created Eve.

Eve, a Special Creation

Eve was to be one flesh with Adam.  The first man did not have any trouble choosing a bride—she was the perfect bride for him.

Eve was taken from Adam’s side.  I’ve heard it said that it wasn’t from his head so that she could rule over him, or from his feet to be his slave, but from his rib to be his companion.

Eve made Adam no longer alone.  Through all of life, Adam had Eve.  Even after their sin got them kicked out of the Garden of Eden, Eve was still there, and though they were no longer perfect, they were still one.

How’s Your Relationship?

Are you taking advantage of your relationship with your spouse?  God created your spouse and brought them into your life to complete you.  He made her/him special, and they are to make it so that you would never be alone.

Adam didn’t leave Eve because it was “her fault” that they got kicked out of the garden.  They stuck together, and benefited from the companionship for their entire life.

How is your relationship with your spouse?  Have you thanked them lately for making it so that you’re never alone?

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