May 28, 2022

Money Mondays

I’m going to start trying to inject a little more discipline as well as try to keep to a given topic for each day with the hopes of helping me to remain more consistent in my blogging.

This week I hope to introduce the 5 or so topics I will be covering, and next week will be the first week with the new topics going.

That being said…

Dollars seamless background.

The idea of Money Mondays is that on Monday I’ll be discussing financial wisdom that I’ve found as well as my thoughts about what is going on in the current economy.  It’ll be a mix of practical tips, things I’m doing as well as spotlights on some articles and what’s going on around us.

If you have any questions about how I handle things financially—other than what I make 🙂 – Use the contact page or the comments below and I’ll try to answer!

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