April 10, 2021

Never Met a Tax He Didn’t Like

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President Obama has a lot of ideas.  And all of his ideas cost money.  And for some strange reason he believes that he can continue to raise taxes on the American people, and the American people will just keep taking it.

I’ve getting to the point where I don’t know if our President lives in a different world than the rest of us or what.  During a time where he can say that we are out of money, he takes his wife out to a show in New York City.  At a time when people are remembering those who died for the country, he’s out on the golf course.

And now, he’s continue to propose taxes on people (as if we don’t have enough already) to fund more programs.  I think he’s never heard the adage that money doesn’t grow on trees.  It may be printed at the Fed, but they can only do so much before our country truly goes under.

He’s urging for more taxes on the wealthy to fund his Health Mandate.  Somehow it escapes him that if he taxes the wealth out of people, that they won’t have anything left to give.  The system itself will implode as more people will be out of work, and more jobs leave the nation that’s left to support a bureaucracy that he is creating.

And to help combat the boogie-man called climate change, they’re talking about taxing air travel.  Soon we won’t be able to transport goods.  Middle Ages here we come.

Is this the hope and change that some of you voted for?

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3 thoughts on “Never Met a Tax He Didn’t Like

  1. It’s bad enough that he’s personally having a great time, going to New York for a date and having romantic dinners at a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    What makes it worse is that he’s taxing the ordinary Joe, while he spends it. People will unwillingly pay more tax, if they get more services. But I don’t see why anyone would want to pay more taxes, so that Politicians in Washington can fly around in private jets and have a great time blowing other peoples’ hard earned money.

  2. I was surprised by the New York outing too. Didn’t seem very “financially conservative” of our President, given the hard economic times.

    It’s just a big downward spiral. Someone needs to step in and put a halt to this.

    Completely off the subject, the International Mission Board just announced that due to a drop in giving (due to the recession) they are cutting a huge portion of short term and career missionaries. They are still sending people on career but they have become much more selective because of the cutbacks. They have also halted the young married/family short term (2 years overseas) missions programs and the Masters – people aged 50+ – short term programs. It’s really sad.
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  3. In hard times it would be best for our President and leaders not to show the excesses of the office. I mean, on the one hand I can understand still wanting to show off America’s greatness (you wouldn’t want to have a state dinner with ham and swiss cheese sandwiches), but to fly around like Air Force One is your own private jet to go on dates seems to be excess.

    A President that lives to high above the people is bound to fall hard.

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