April 16, 2021

Freedom at the Founding

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When you think freedom, and you’re an American, you think about the reason that people first came to America.  Whether it was religious freedom or the chance to have new land and make a new life for oneself, freedom was alive at the founding, and freedom was the reason that we went to war with England.

The people of America decided early on that taxation lead to tyranny, and that a government many miles away was not the best to govern them.  Believing that they had a right to life, liberty and property, they sought the ability to be self governed, and revolted from the tyranny of the old world.

You see, they understood what freedom was, for theirs was being taken away bit by bit.  Much like the frog that gets slowly roasted until it is too late, they knew what oppression they had had back in the old world, and they also knew that a government that can take away any of the three (life, liberty or property) has complete control over you.

Much has changed between that time and today.  Today we have a government that taxes you for property—with threats to take it away unless you pay.  Is it really you’re property?

Government has allowed life to be taken in the womb before birth.  Does that life have a right to life?

Government tells you what to believe as they educate children in schools in all sorts of foreign religions, other ways of life, and other ideas about the origin of people.  It confronts and frustrates the traditional Christian heritage, and seeks to impose the will of the minority on the majority.  Is this liberty?

What we see at every turn is a government totally different than the one the founders envisioned and desired.  Freedom for them was freedom of choice—whether it was to worship as one pleased, own the land one pleased, and to live as one pleased.  Yes there were moral boundaries and ways to resolve differences, but freedom based on principle was the cornerstone.

Today we have a government whose only principle is the same like many that have come before it—to gain more power.

Quite the contrast.

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