May 27, 2024

Atheism in America

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Atheism is growing stronger in America, or so you’re lead to believe if you read anything online.  One major social networking site, Reddit, has as its most popular articles at any given time 1 to 3 articles written by atheists.  The fundamentalists Atheists are everywhere, propagating their faith more rabidly than Christians that have the truth.

The darlings of these people are those that have “de-converted” or have “come out” of the closet as an Atheist.  They present all these great sounding arguments that would be convincing for someone without a framework for answering questions.

So, to help defend the faith and to help those of you that might not have an answer, I want to take the time in this time slot over the next few days and look at one Atheist’s “most convincing” arguments against Christianity and see if there’s anything there.

Want to get a head start?  I’ll be discussing this post, point by point.

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