April 21, 2021

A Majority of Americans are Pro-Life

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For the first time in the past 15 years that Gallup has been tracking the question, a majority of the American people have indicated that they are pro-life.

The Gallup poll released Friday also marks a massive shift from one year ago, when 50 percent of Americans called themselves pro-choice, and just 44 percent said they were pro-life. Today 42 percent say they are pro-choice, by far the lowest level of support for abortion ever measured by the Gallup poll.

Despite that change in opinion, most Americans still believe that abortion should remain legal. Yet Gallup reports that the new numbers come in stark contrast with the last four years, when polls found a strong tilt of public opinion in favor of unrestricted abortions, which is now declining.

Fifty-three percent say abortions should remain legal under certain circumstances, and nearly equal numbers take hard-line views — 23 percent say it should be illegal in all circumstances, and 22 percent say it should be legal no matter what.

What does this mean?  It means that the pro-life message is gaining traction.  It means that the efforts to educate people about what goes on inside the womb is working, and it also means that technology is having an effect.

No one that sees the face of their child on a 4D ultrasound can deny that it’s a baby in the womb—the “blob of tissue argument falls flat on its face”.

That there are a bunch of people that say that abortion should be legal in some circumstances does not take away from the gains, but points toward the change—and that some cannot deny that, at some point, there’s a new life that’s worth protecting in the womb.

The more this number changes, the more people that identify with the pro-life cause, the harder it will be to defend a pro-abortion stance and the more the radical “abortion no matter what” cause will be hard to defend.

I believe you’ll begin to see more nuance in those politicians looking to be middle of the road.  When you see that, it’s not time to rest, but to keep pressing on for the win.

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4 thoughts on “A Majority of Americans are Pro-Life

  1. I think technology is helping the pro-life community. There is no way possible that a person can look at a photo of a baby in the womb and say that it is anything but a small child. Now abortion clinic represenatives are faced with the task of trying to convince a mother-to-be that the picture of her baby is really not a baby. Thankfully, some people are starting to wake up to the truth.
    It is also possible that people are seeing the abortion community lose all sense of moral restraint (not like people favoring murdering children can be labeled anything but morally depraved anyway) in dealing with unwanted children and as a result are leaning more to the pro-life side.

  2. I can understand the growing pro-life sentiment more and more as I hear of medical technology advancing. I just had a close friend who delivered a baby at 24 weeks. He is now about full-term (when he should’ve been born) and is thriving well. These situations are becoming increasingly common.

    How can anyone protect abortion when a fetus/baby is surviving at younger and younger ages? This is what most people are realizing.

    militarywifeys last blog post..Credit cards and reform

  3. From what little I’ve seen of the relation between politics and social trends, it’s fairly obvious that society is at least one cycle ahead of politics, and more often at least 8 years.

    My point here is that while politics points towards progressive domination for the next few years, it also indicates a conservtaive reawakening amongst the people. You’re going to see a lot more people gravitate towards religion and making faith-based decisions and that is what this poll reflects.

    Hopefully, the politics will follow soon.

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