July 23, 2024

Democrats are the Extremists on Abortion

Since the Dobbs ruling overturned Roe v. Wade and sent the issue back to the states, the Democrat party has sought to capitalize on the disorganization and older laws on the books and paint the Republicans as extremists who want to outlaw all abortion.

Now, I personally believe this is actually the right position, and consistent with what the Pro-life cause has been arguing for some time now. But that is not where the country or the Republican party is currently, and as such this is a nasty lie that the Democrats are using to scare people away from Republicans.

During a recent hearing in front of the United States Senate, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services was asked if he supported any restrictions on abortion in the United States at a national level– and he refused to answer the question. He continually deflected to say that he supported Roe v. Wade protected. When asked whether the Secretary supported limits on the third trimester or partial-birth abortion, the Secretary refused to comment.

As per the norm, Democrats are going to be using the abortion issue to try and scare voters ahead of the upcoming presidential election. Republicans need to take notes from Kennedy’s questioning and be prepared to turn the “extremism” questions around on Democrats and their media allies who no doubt will be operating from the same playbook. 

WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy Exposes Democrat Abortion Extremism in Epic Grilling of HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra

In order to be effective, the Republicans are going to have to keep asking questions like in the linked article, and use the refusal to take a position to mean that their opponents support unlimited abortion, because they refuse to back any restrictions at all.

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