April 21, 2021

Government’s New Talent

Late night portraitMind reader.

Hate crimes legislation is wrong on so many levels that I could not fit them all in one blog post.

How does one judge the thoughts of the heart without being God?  And yet that is exactly what our government is trying to do.

Now, not only is it wrong to commit a crime, but you can be punished more if you actually thought hate about the target.  And if that’s not all, it may soon be the case that a person that commits a crime can point to someone else as causing them psychological injury, and have them brought before a judge:

Now that H.R. 1913 has passed without sufficient protection for free religious speech or expression, there are profound implications for every religious broadcaster, minister of the Gospel and Christian school teacher or administrator. As the bill is currently written, an individual can claim that “bodily injury” (which could be broadly defined as psychological injury) is a hate crime. So if a minister, broadcaster or teacher courageously proclaims the truth of Scripture that homosexuality is a sin, anyone in the audience could claim psychological injury. Or if someone commits a crime against a homosexual individual and then says they were motivated by the words of a minister, religious broadcaster or teacher, that broadcaster or teacher could, in theory, be named as an accessory to the crime. [Hat tip: Ken Ham]

What does this mean?  Not that you can expect your pastor to be thrown in jail the next time that he preaches against homosexuality, but that this law may be a wedge that is used down the road to open the door for prosecution should the gay lobby increase in size.  To me, this is more of a stepping stone than an out right problem.

I would expect the circus around the first case that would be tried like this to be crazy, but I would see this as being a foundation for more problems for Christians in the future.

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One thought on “Government’s New Talent

  1. If some nut accuses me of thinking about hating, I’ll do more than just send bad thoughts – probably send along a coupla bricks, to add some weight to the thought. This is ridiculous – you can’t go around legislating what people think.

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