May 21, 2024

Freedom isn’t Free

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Life on this planet is cyclical and balanced.  There are “laws” that bind on us, regardless of whether we’ve given them names.  Supply and Demand are but one of these laws that hold us in a grip—the one that we’re going to look at in depth is Liberty and Tyranny.

I had the opportunity to read Mark Levin’s best selling book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, one that I highly recommend every American read and understand precisely because I don’t believe that many Americans understand just what is going on and what is at stake.

We see changes all around us and hear plans that sound like more of the same.  For those of us that are paying attention, our common sense tells us that what got us into the mess is certainly not able to get us out, and yet our leaders seem paralyzed to do anything different.

America is at a crossroads—with two very different philosophies vying for control of the country, and more at stake than ever before.  For it’s not party power or prestige that is the target, but freedom itself.

As you well know, history repeats itself, and every empire or great nation has been strongest before its fall.  The question is, who are we, what do we hold dear, and what will we become?

Join me as we look back through the past as well as take some present looks to see if we can decipher what’s going on.

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