April 21, 2021

So, What’s the Difference?

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That’s certainly what was on the mind of the nurse that decided when a mother birthed her child in the waiting room of an abortion clinic.  She figured—the mother didn’t want the child before, so now it’s easier to kill the baby now that it’s out.  So, she cut the umbilical cord, put the baby in a red biohazard bag, and threw the breathing baby in the trash.

But something must have happened, because when the doctor came into the office, he took the woman in and put her under sedation.  As you can imagine, people called 911 to talk about what was happening.

When the police showed up, there was no remains, just medical records of the procedure that they did on her.  Another phone call told the police where to find the remains—they hid them—and now there’s a lawsuit.

From their perspective, they were just following the mother’s wishes.  Nothing would have been different between the locations—one side of the birth canal was the same as the other.  Why should that mom be so upset?

Hat Tip: Jill Stanek

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4 thoughts on “So, What’s the Difference?

  1. That is horrible. The SOB bagged the live baby in front of the mother. What kind of a doctor is that? Shouldn’t he made a token attempt to see if anything could be done? And they hid the remains in a shoebox. I hope they strip his license and give him prison time for this.

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