April 21, 2021

Are You Ready for For Sen. Obama’s Address?

Was2007364Proving the point that there isn’t much good on television, Sen. Obama plans on going on the television tonight at 8:00 am EST to make a final case to the American people for 30 minutes.  In this infomercial, which will have both live and taped portions, Sen. Obama will use images of people that are facing problems as well as making his case directly to the people.

I will be making my way home from Bible Study tonight, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have to see the thing on YouTube if at all.  Will you be watching?

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3 thoughts on “Are You Ready for For Sen. Obama’s Address?

  1. I love the fact there is still Obama’s Citizen issue,

    and the court case surrounding it.

    Its even great that you can look up the official details on the Philidelphia Court’s website.


    Can we say voting scandal? This isn’t even taking into consideration the whole issue with the voting machines.


    Who knows who this will end up favoring.

    This is of course assuming the voting machines themselves are not already rigged.


    Most of the scary facts in that article are pretty easily verified on the net. E.G. 80% of all votes are tabulated by two different voting companies. One company is owned by one brother, the other by another brother.

    Oh, and the other interesting thing… both companies have hired a known convict as a computer programmer. What was he in jail for? Computer fraud of course. What type of compter fraud? He was convicted of putting back doors into computer programs so they could be manipulated. His programmig was so sophisticated it was almost untracable (per the dockets of the case).

    Now, why would two private companies who tabulate 80% of the US Vote (and high percentages of the world vote), be interested in hiring a former convict who was involved in computer fraud?

    Why is it that there is no paper backup for the voting machines, even though the company uses this technology in the ATM’s they also make?

    I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, and this all could just be a coicidence… but has any man ever done that well with that much power and no one checking over what they do?

    Good thing God is still in control.

    DLOGANs last blog post..Ron Paul – Campaign for Liberty

  2. @Leticia: I missed it too. Prayer is always a good thing.

    @DLOGAN: And it looks as though we will never know the truth on that matter, since the judge ruled that a citizen doesn’t have standing to challenge a candidate’s credentials. Anyone who thinks that Satan is not alive and well and working his plan isn’t in touch with reality.

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