May 29, 2022

ACORN Undermining Our Election System

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What would you do if someone came up to you and asked you to register to vote?  I would assume that if you weren’t registered, you’d take the opportunity to register.

What if you were already registered?  What if you’ve already registered 70 times this year?

In Cuyahoga County, registrants are telling the County Elections board that ACORN workers are begging for registrations—promising smokes and dollar bills.

Why is ACORN’s action important?  Because a certain former community organizer1 worked for them, and though they wear a non-partisan title, they frequently register more Democrats than Republicans.

Board workers said ACORN had turned in nearly 72,000 cards since January. Of those, more than 5,000 were missing information and so could not be used. The board could not verify the address on 3,500 others. Those people will have to vote provisionally if they turn out at the polls.

My personal opinion?  If you’re not actively trying to seek out the issues, you shouldn’t vote.  I’m adamantly opposed to walking up to a person, having them fill out a form, tell them about only your candidate, and then ship them to the polls—especially in Ohio where people can vote today.

Talk about begging for fraud.

UPDATE: More on ACORN here.

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  1. Sen. Barak Obama []

One thought on “ACORN Undermining Our Election System

  1. I’ve heard bits and pieces about this but didn’t know the whole story. This is pretty bad.

    We have a lot of registration pushers in our neighborhood at Walgreens and outside the grocery stores. I don’t know what organization they are working with, though. I do, however, know what candidate they support, because they wear T-shirts with his face on the back.

    (Hint: it’s not McCain.)

    Rachels last blog post..SOAP: Hebrews 1:3A – He’s Radiant

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