May 19, 2024

David Weiss and the DOJ’s Credibility Problem

doj by Iain

Calls are growing for David Weiss to be replaced as Special Counsel. There are questions about whether he is eligible, or whether he has the ability to follow the evidence:

Appointing David Weiss is, on its face, objectively illegal because he is a sitting U.S. Attorney, so he doesn’t meet the DOJ guidelines of being from outside the DOJ. But Merrick Garland wants him; he knows he has his patsy here. He knows he has a guy that will protect Joe Biden no matter what.

Ted Cruz Blasts AG Garland for Shielding Biden Family With ‘His Patsy’ David Weiss

We know that Hunter would have had an awesome deal amounting to a slap on the wrists and freedom from any further prosecution. We also know that he’s been accused of all sorts of unlawful acts and that there were things that the feds were just ignoring, not looking into, and that Hunter was told ahead of a talk with him.

And all I can hear is the FBI sending people in to trap Gen. Flynn!

It’s not just Ted Cruz, either:

An independent special counsel is needed in this case. 

It is abundantly clear Mr. Weiss needs to be removed from the investigation of Hunter Biden. To say this has been botched is an understatement. 

I have been calling for a new set of eyes on this case for quite a while. A huge cloud hangs over the Weiss investigative team and it will only go away when a new independent special counsel is appointed.

Lindsey Graham Joins Chorus of Calls for Removal of David Weiss From Hunter Biden Case

Why Atty Gen. Garland thought that giving Weiss Special Counsel powers would make this all go away is beyond me.

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