April 22, 2021

No-bama Care. No Thank You.

As a mother I’m deeply concerned about Sen. Obama’s commitment to the “right” of health-care for all Americans.

On the surface it sounds good. I mean, surely as compassionate people we want to take care of everyone.  I can understand how many people are soothed by his words, who would feel good about the concept of our government taking care of every child.

It doesn’t take more than the scrape of a fingernail, however, to uncover Sen. Obama’s dangerous inconsistencies.

IF Sen. Obama truly cared about REQUIRING health care for all children, he might want to begin by protecting aborted infants who are actually born alive.  Instead of providing care he has consistently voted to withhold care for children who have already been subjected to the ultimate form of child abuse and would in fact deprive them of life.

And what about that fine which would be levied against parents who do not register their child for health care?  How much did he say it would be?  What about parents who choose not to immunize their child based upon research or religious exemption?  What about parents who choose to use naturopathic alternatives to treat their children, or how about those “rascally, independent, homeschooling types” who don’t wish to register their children with the federal government in order to receive socialized health care?  What happens then?  A fine?  Jail time?  Children taken away from the home?

A simple line, so smoothly delivered in a boring debate, should cause all liberty-loving Americans to jump up in revolt and declare, “Not with MY children!”

I fear many of us were so worried about our stocks that we missed it.

No-bama Care.  No thank you.

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24 thoughts on “No-bama Care. No Thank You.

  1. Your comments are huge talking points right now among us “non-stock holding christian conservative middle income folks”. Is this a sign of the times? Are we nearing the time of the end? I know God has a plan no matter what this is. It is so scary that Obama wants those things, but even more scary that people are sitting there almost mesmorized by what he’s saying and actually nodding in agreement! Rush Limbaugh is/was playing clips of Barak Obama narrating one of his own audio books. The clips Mr. Limbaugh is playing are pretty telling, and scary in themselves. Mr. Limbaugh cited too that Louis Farakan (sp sorry) called Barak Obama the messiah, and my sister just told me that 16 muslim nations support Barak Obama becoming president in the US. Hello!! Red Flags aplenty, yet…people just sit there…my sister hears her generation saying stuff like “McCain is old but Obama is handsome, lets elect Obama! He’s way cuter.” That can’t be what our society has come to.

  2. Few quibbles, so here we go:

    What about parents who choose not to immunize their child based upon research or religious exemption?

    Based on research? If you think there’s any reliable research supporting a decision not to vaccinate, you’ve either been lied to, bought into the antivaxer party line… or both. There is simply no good reason to not vaccinate. As for religious exemption, there’s simply no reason religious exemption to reality should exist in my opinion.

    What about parents who choose to use naturopathic alternatives to treat their children,

    Fine, but show some evidence that said naturopathic treatment actually works (and I mean real clinical studies and not the usual junk I hear from alties all over the internet). I happen to side with science based medicine for a reason. It probably affects my opinion that I work in the field of infectious organisms, so I also expect many alternative medicine folks to claim that I only say what I do because “I’m in the pockets of the government and ‘Big Pharma'” and get paid to say it…

    IAMBs last blog post..#*%! Bugs Anyway

  3. Sorry, but it’s not about choice at all when reality and a parent’s beliefs are in direct opposition. What about the child’s choice to be healthy rather than a disease risk because said child’s parents believe in something that contradicts reality?

    Maybe you disagree with me, but I lump antivaxxers in the same category as JWs who let a kid die rather than have a blood transfusion. Despicable.

    You’re free to believe whatever you want, but don’t expect me to respect all beliefs as having equal validity.

    IAMBs last blog post..#*%! Bugs Anyway

  4. IAMB

    My children are all vaccinated – somewhat AGAINST my better judgement.

    However, I find it interesting that so many of the young mothers who support Obama are sort of “back to nature, crunchy, grace-based parenting, etc. They are definitely anti-vaxxers. They are LOVING Obama’s suggestion of national health care as a requirement for children – but don’t seem to connect the dots between the requirement and a concomitant requirement for vaccines. I’m not terribly vested in this portion of it all – I just think it is interesting and quite the paradox that I don’t think they have considered.. I AM incredibly concerned about individual freedoms continuing to slip away to socialism. It’s not new, it’s already our trend…I just see Sen. Obama taking it to a whole new level.

  5. Can I just tell you that I noticed that line of his in that debate and it freaked me out too. But, I wondered if maybe I had just misunderstood since I never once heard anyone else say anything about it. You are so right that it was “A simple line, so smoothly delivered in a boring debate”…very, very subtle, wasn’t it? I was so glad to read this and realize that I wasn’t the only one. Thanks.

    Michawns last blog post..Eissa Has 2

  6. OK,

    Here’s my take: We sit here arguing about why the government shouldnt have control over healthcare and give immunizations as examples. That’s all well and good. The problem is that our reasoning is not that people have a liberty to have sovereignty over their children, it’s “well, consider these particular circumstances in which it might not be the best situation”.

    You see, when we argue “consider these scenarios” we are not advocating liberties, we are advocating a different flavor of government control over otherwise autonomous individuals. In other words, we are saying “Ohh, that’s a great plan, government, but before you go implement it, make sure you take into account these other things. We don’t care to make these decisions ourselves, we just want to make sure that when you make the decisions for us, you consider all the scenarios.” and Government will reply “Oh, thanx for bringing that up, we will use that in our next campaign when we justify adding new laws to limit your personal liberties and your sovereign rights to decide how to raise your families.”

    meanwhile, if you check out this site published by the US Army, you might be surprised to know that they are currently building concentration camps in the USA to hold American civilians and force them to do labor. http://www.army.mil/usapa/epubs/pdf/r210_35.pdf

    And we sit here arguing over whether government should force vaccinations for all children or only those whose parents don’t have religious convictions about it.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I agree that Obama’s plans to invade the sovereignty of American families is a travesty. In fact, I see it as all part of the same movement to close the American society and bring it under totalitarian control. I just think that people seem to be missing the big picture here. This is not about a policy here and there that is just a small step in the wrong direction… America is on the brink of totalitarian fascism and her people don’t even seem to realize it.

    Arthur Eisss last blog post..Confiscation Through Inflation

  7. Did you also miss the part of pre-screening all infants and two-year-olds for physical and mental handicaps? Hmm.. do you think that might include things like ADHD and do you think treatments might be enforced such as ritalin?

    Arthur Eisss last blog post..Confiscation Through Inflation

  8. Sorry for double post. But I had to call our IAMB on this one.

    You suggest that when parents beliefs and reality do not line up with each other, reality must win.

    Who defines reality?

    If it’s the government, they could say for example, “The reality is, as our best scientists have concluded, that all jews are inferior genetically and must be castrated at birth.”

    Is it any wonder that the Nazi party was called National Socialist? The name suggested a government of patriotic socialists, benevolent overseers who could use the nations resources with full autonomy for the best interests of the people.

    You see, it was specifically to prevent that sort of thing from happening that our founding fathers gave us the liberty to decide our own fate. If an individual makes a choice that is in reality the wrong choice then that individual will suffer the natural consequences. That’s far better than letting one individual or a small group of individuals make a wrong choice for everyone to suffer the consequences, whether that choice was deliberate or unintentional.

    There are still madmen in the world. In fact, the world is full of them. In fact, there are more madmen than sane men. In fact, all men are madmen. Let’s not setup a system of government that doesn’t lineup with the REALITY that humanity is not naturally benevolent.

  9. Arthur, that was such a good and thoughtful answer. Thank you so much. I was so busy yesterday, I did not have time to sit down and thoroughly answer.

    Do you mind letting me know what news sources you read? I am always interested in good sources of information.


    Sure, I’ll tell you why, and then I’d love your opinion on something!

    My first four children were very healthy, had their vaccinations, and did well. My fifth child, a son, seems to have had a suppressed immune system, although that was unbeknownst to me when he was an infant. He got his shots at four months, then at six. Following the six month shots, he became so ill! His body began treating everything as an allergen. He was in the hospital repeatedly, he reacted to every medication that was given him. He had repeated pneumonia, vomited constantly, lost weight. At 14 months of age, he weighed 14 pounds. We saw specialist after specialist.

    In a nutshell, he is now six years old and doing GREAT! We purified his “lifestyle” through diet and removal of medications – using naturopathic means to help him. For a time our doctor was sure he was autistic, but praise God, he is not. His is fine!
    He got the rest of his shots once he was older and healthy, and once he was mentally and physically caught up to where he should be.

    I don’t blame the vaccinations, but I think they added to an already weakened or overburdened immune system.

    With my remaining three children, I have selectively delayed certain vaccines, until I know the child’s specific and inborn propensities to strengths and weaknesses. Should that right be refused to parents, or does a parent know their child best? I would hope the parent knows his or her child!

    I do refuse the chicken pox vaccine. My first children got it, but after they STILL got the virus I decided it was not tested and tried sufficiently. I also have parented long enough and cycled enough children through the system that I have seen how MANY shots babies have to receive! When my first little guy was an infant, he received just a few shots! NOW, they will give a huge cocktail to a six month old infant. It is sometimes 6-8 vaccines, mixed into 4 shots, given on the same day. I have not liked feeling “forced” to do this. I would rather vaccines to be delayed, to be thoughtfully administered and spread out. How can we know if an infant’s immune system is strong enough to handle that cocktail until it is administered? That is frightening to me.

    Now for your thoughts. Over on my blog I have written before about a time we went through a couple of years ago now. My children caught Shingles. The 10 year old, 8 year old, 2 year old and 10 month old caught it as well. It was awful! It was painful and lasted for weeks. I learned that the medical community did not really know anything about the Shingles virus, nor how it was passed nor who could get it. And yet, here they were, demanding a related vaccine before a child could go to kindergarten! That seemed irresponsible to me, and I began to question the rest of our immunizations and the “enforcement” of them for public school.

    Through my blog, and the amazing response to it, I learned that I was not alone with the Shingles thing. I STILL get a couple of comments on that blog every week, and it is two years later!

    Here’s the link – read through them if you like and let me know what you think. 🙂 Thanks!



    Hollys last blog post..Head’s up

  10. Arthur, I’m not quibbling over immunizations. I recognize that it is one miniscule portion of a huge engulfing picture. I can see where things are headed, I think many of us can. It is terrifying. I am so thankful for the promise of eternity with Christ when life on this earth is over.

    I was simply explaining, since IAMB asked.

    Hollys last blog post..Head’s up

  11. >meanwhile, if you check out this site published by >the US Army, you might be surprised to know that they >are currently building concentration camps in the USA >to hold American civilians and force them to do >labor. http://www.army.mil/usapa/epubs/pdf/r210_35.pdf

    What Arthur left out of this information is that this is a “Civilian Inmate Labor Program” for people in prison. That is a big difference between a concentration camp for normal civilians! Just thought that should be cleared up.

  12. Holly,

    I usually go by route of Google Video. I’ve been searching keywords for a long time. For example, if I log-in to Yahoo Messenger I might get a pop-up for a news article. I might find something in that article that disturbs me and I might check it by keyword like ‘immunization’ or I might look on the web to try and cross-reference quotes or claims about history.

    I also use Wikipedia a lot for my preliminary historical information, but one certainly has to cross-reference Wikipedia.

    People I would recommend for Google Video: Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura.

    If you hear some things that they suggest and you’re not sure if they are true, do a keyword search for more videos from others or for websites.

    Alex Jones is the one who pointed me to the army website for the civilian labor camps.

    Some theories are a bit hard to swallow. For example, I’ve seen some good reasons to doubt 9/11 from the 9/11 Truth movement, but I’m still not totally convinced. Or… Jesse Ventura believes that ministers should not be allowed to endorse a political candidate from the pulpit, I disagree.

    I think the finer point I was making Holly, is that we need to be very careful that our claim to liberties be based on the Constitution and the rule of law, not upon the idea that the government might have overlooked scenarios that would not have been overlooked by a parent.

    The point of individual liberty is not because each person can make a better decision, being more involved and having more at personal stake, but that when power is left in the hands of the government, it allows the government to become tyrannical. Whereas if the power rests in the hands of the many, a tyranny cannot occur.

    I don’t intend to insult anyone, I’m simply trying my best to further the cause of Constitutional liberties intellectually. I believe that mostly these ‘debates’ are a distraction from the real issue(s). All Americans need to rally around the Constitution and demand through our vote, with our voice, through peaceful protest and through pro-active education, that America follow the rule of law as laid out in the Constitution, the highest law of the land.

    For crying out loud, they don’t even teach civics in Maryland’s public schools!

    Arthur Eisss last blog post..Confiscation Through Inflation

  13. I share in your concerns and confusion Holly. I see many in the homebirth and homeschool community supporting Obama and his policies also, and it is quite perplexing for the very reasons you state! This is also what irks me about universal preschool. It’s bad enough that I have to submit my intent to homeschool my 6 year olds, but I will REFUSE to do so for any of my preschoolers…

    Lisbets last blog post..I’m Just Giddy!

  14. Holly,
    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you (been a busy couple of weeks here). Anyway, I’ll try to answer your question with the caveat that I primarily work on bacteria instead of viruses. Still, I’ll try to help…

    First, let me say it’s good to hear your fifth child is now doing decently. Without being able to look at him (and because he now appears to be better), it sounds like a classic case of what’s known as Transient neonatal hypogammaglobulinemia (try saying that ten times fast). Essentially, what happens is the child runs low on a couple of immunoglobulins (IgG/IgA) due to delayed Th cell maturation. Essentially, immune system components passed from mother to child during pregnancy begin to decrease after birth. Symptoms usually show up between three and six months, with the child becoming very susceptible to, well, everything. Sometime around three years old or later, the IgG levels will recover to about 75% of normal adult level, resulting in a pretty much normal child in every way. Whether changes in diet, etc. actually help in the process is really up in the air, especially considering that the disorder is self-correcting. I’d be extremely hesitant to say naturopathic “medicine” had anything to do with it, but in this case it’s “no harm, no foul” if you ask me.

    Anyway, I have no issues with spreading out the immunization schedule a bit (within reason), and many quite competent pediatricians will do so upon request. However, there’s no reason to spread it out too far… most immune system reactions to foreign substances (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) take at most only a few weeks for complete processing. This is why you’ll see antibody levels start falling between three and four weeks after the initial infection… it means your defense systems are working properly. If you’re concerned in the future, just spread vaccinations out with a couple months in-between each, starting at the normally recommended time and finishing on schedule. Whatever you do though, don’t miss the boosters (not all memory cells last forever) and don’t finish late.

    One thing to keep in mind if you’re worried about a vaccine cocktail being too much is that all the different viruses in that mix cause individual responses by the immune system… not a group response. It’s making a different antibody to each and every antigen in the cocktail, so it’s not really a “group response” at all. If you actually sat down and thought about the sheer number of things you’re exposed to and fight off every day compared to the small number of things in a vaccine barrage, you might look at it a little differently.

    Moving on…

    There have been reported cases of shingles developing in fairly young children who are otherwise immunocompetent (meaning everything is working more-or-less correctly) after getting the chicken pox vaccine, but there’s nothing to suggest that they wouldn’t have had the same outcome if they caught the virus naturally. I know no parent wants to hear this if their child is affected, but the number of problems of this sort (actually, all sorts combined) aren’t remotely statistically significant. I know it sounds horribly impersonal, but given a large population it’s the only reasonable way to approach the problem of infectious diseases.

    Anyway, hope this helps a bit. If you have more questions, I’d be happy to try to answer them for you.

    Arthur, I’ll have to get back to you at another time. Suffice to say, you probably won’t like my answer much, but at least it’ll be an honest one.

    IAMBs last blog post..Thought for Today

  15. IAMB, thank you so much for taking the time to respond! You’ve given me lots to think about – I think I pretty much agree with the thought of…what was it you said?….Transient neonatal hypogammaglobulinemia, though I would never have even known about it if you had not said something. As it stood, we removed wheat from his diet for several years and it helped so much. Might have just been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Anyway, I really do appreciate your input!

  16. Removing wheat? Could be that your child is also somewhat gluten intolerant (Celiac Disease)… I have a few friends with that problem (makes going out for pizza a real pain). Fortunately if that’s the case, it’s become enough of a significant issue (in terms of population) that plenty of gluten-free options are now readily available in most stores (health food section, generally) and plenty of resources are available freely online.

    Glad to help (as much as I can, at least), and good luck.

    IAMBs last blog post..Non Sequitur

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