August 19, 2022

If You Still Oppose the Bailout…

on the phone

Get on the phone:

Blunt said one of the reasons he is more optimistic is that lawmakers are hearing less vocal opposition from their districts. He said that calls and e-mails to congressional offices that were running about 90 percent against the measure earlier now are at about “50-50.”

It appears there’s another bill, and the Senate is trying to sweeten the deal and pass something tolerable to the house.

Senate votes tonight, House looks to pick it up tomorrow.  And they’re starting to call it a “rescue” instead of a “bailout” to hopefully mask what it really is.  Kind of like when they called amnesty a “guest worker program.”

You saw the DOW shoot back up yesterday.  Don’t trust the MSM about why.  It was a great time to buy on Monday, I wish I was in the position then, and I look forward to my 401k contribution going in tomorrow!

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  1. Ok, you can’t see my code, but if you mouseover MSM you’ll see what I mean. Here’s the code, with the brackets replaced with parenthesis:

    (acronym title=”Main Stream Media”)MSM(/acronym)

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