May 23, 2024

Moderator Bias?

Nowgwentwo, what do you think the reaction would be if I told you that the moderator for Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate was writing a book due for release that highlighted the rise of women to seats of power in America.  That she did a lot of research, and featured women from different sectors and discussed just how far women had come.  And that she includes a discussion of Gov. Sarah Palin, and her amazing transition from PTA mom to Vice Presidential nominee.

Going in to the debate this Thursday, could we expect her to be unbiased?

Now, what if I told you that all of the above is true.  The moderator for Thursday night’s debate is writing a book to be published around the inauguration, but it’s not on Gov. Sarah Palin, but it does cover Sen. Barak Obama.

Does anyone else see “conflict of interest?”  I mean, I’m sure that she can be unbiased to some extent, and Sen. Obama will not be present, but one would hope that moderators of grand debates like this would at least appear to be a little less biased.

But, then again, what can we expect from the mainstream media?

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2 thoughts on “Moderator Bias?

  1. @Rebecca: Good point. A moderator can be openly bias, as long as they check that bias and are fair. They need to stick to the rules. So, it really depends on who picks the questions, and how fair she is.

    This will at least keep her on her best behavior.

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