April 20, 2021

No Longer a CBD Affiliate

Gospel Reading Up until today I’ve had an affiliate relationship with CBD.  If you purchased something from CBD through this site, I received a portion of that sale for getting them the business.

Effective today, because of the decision of my State’s elected leaders to try to get every penny from online sales, that relationship has been terminated.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the CBD program.  I appreciate their work, and their products.  I liked their commission structure.

I didn’t like their affiliate interface.  It was a pain to use.  You could only have one type of link generated per product.  You had to make sure to have the exact format of the date range perfect in order to get your reports.  You had to download their images and use them on your site.

So, I’m sad to see them go, and I hope that though they terminated our relationship they’ll still send me my commission check!  I have built up some money, but I don’t know if I’ve made their threshold.

Given this new state of affairs, I’ll be reworking all of the CBD links on my site to point toward Amazon.com—and I’m not that upset about doing that since their pricing is better than CBD anyway.

Just so you know…

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6 thoughts on “No Longer a CBD Affiliate

  1. I agree that Amazon is easier to use, but I like supporting CBD. And I like using my own links for money back. At Amazon you’re not supposed to do that.

    I’m hoping CBD will revamp their links and such soon. They could really use some new graphics, too. In the meantime, I may figure out how to make my own. 😉

    Anyway, best of luck on your new endeavor.

    Renaes last blog post..A Boy’s Dream Fulfilled

  2. @Renae: I really liked supporting CBD, and I was sad that there were plugins and tools that hooked up to Amazon and not them. And yes, I was delighted that I could actually order stuff through CBD and I was not violating my agreement. I don’t know why Amazon doesn’t want that business.

    CBD, in recent months, had some improvements, but they seem to be mostly cosmetic.

    The funny thing is that this is only the latest of many affiliate programs that I’ve had terminated because of this arrangement. Are you in many programs, Renae?

  3. The same thing happened to me. The dumb thing is that if more affiliate retailers (like amazon) follow suit, the actual effect will be LESS taxes collected by the state. The state will no longer get income tax collected from my revenue nor will they get sales tax from purchases I make with that revenue. Sure, it’s not much but multiply those few dollars by thousands of NY based affiliates and you have something.

    Amazon is fighting this in court. Let’s hope in the mean time they don’t get the same bad legal advice as CBD.

    Garys last blog post..A Homeschooled version of mainstream

  4. @Gary: You’re right, Gary. It’s been really strange to get all of these e-mails where they’re telling me that I can’t be an affiliate because it costs them money. I know it’s not personal, but it still seems pretty crazy.

    It’s been shown, time and time again, that raising taxes and trying to get every last cent out of our citizens causes them to leave or choose not to come in the first place.

    In terms of NYS, why do you think they need Empire Zones and other tax incentives for businesses to come (which all seem to sunset pretty quickly)? Because otherwise no one would want to come here.

  5. CBD terminated your relationship!? I didn’t catch that at first. (Yeah, I know, I miss the obvious. My husband teases about that all the time.) I haven’t heard anything about it, so Texas must not be so greedy (yet).

    And yes, I have two other affiliates, Amazon and YWAM Publishing. YWAM Publishing is actually the best as far as commission, and they give credit for any returning customer (whether they use your link or not), but unfortunately they don’t offer very many products.

    Renaes last blog post..A Boy’s Dream Fulfilled

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