August 14, 2022

Learn to Keep Short Accounts

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Lastly, we need to make sure that there’s nothing between us and our wives.  We need to make sure that the air is clear—and that the Sun does not set on our wrath.

5. Learn to keep short accounts.

What is meant by this is that we should make sure that we have done nothing to harm our relationship with our spouse or our children.

We may not beat our wives or children physically, but do we do it verbally, emotionally or spiritually1?

When our children look at us, do they see love, or someone that hurts them?  When we do wrong, do we act as though nothing has happened, or do we make it right?

Not that it’s not already clear, God makes it plain that if we do not treat our wives with love and respect, our prayers will be hindered2.  It’s important, men, that we deal with her as the weaker vessel—the prized possession.

It’s also important that we lead her and our family to grow spiritually.  We do this with teaching in the home, and by being a good example.

How are you doing, Godly Husband, Father?  Are you a good example?  Are you someone that you’d want your daughters to marry and someone that you want your sons emulating?

If not, it’s never too late to start being the man that you should be.

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