August 14, 2022

You and Your Wife are Incompatible

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As husbands and wives we must remember what brought us together, and what we bring to the table.  That’s why it’s important to remember that…

2. You and Your Wife are Incompatible.

By that I do not mean that you do not work well together.  What I mean is that the two of you are different—and not just in the obvious ways.

Each of you brings to your marriage different strengths and weaknesses, different likes and dislikes.  There are things that each of you will be good at, and there are things that you will be poor at.

The question is, how do you view these differences?  And there are two basic answers.

You can look at the differences as pain points.

What I mean is that you can look at the differences and your own pet peeves and let everything they say and do bother you.  You can let the little things overcome you and frustrate you to the point that you wonder why you even got married.  You can choose to let the differences separate you, or…

You can look at the differences as a source of strength.

Yes!  Besides being a never-ending source of interest, you can look at your differences as something that will add strength and spice to your life.  Strength in that two people with different strengths are stronger than one, and spice in that having someone with different tastes will make you try something you may not have tried before.

Instead of letting differences and incompatibilities in your life be a source of contention, we need to see those differences as a gift from God to make the two better equipped to handle life together.  Embrace them rather than turn from them.

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4 thoughts on “You and Your Wife are Incompatible

  1. Amazing insights. This is so true. No doubt there are things about our spouse that will annoy us. And if that is all we focus on we will continually be unhappy.

    However, when we extol our spouse for the good he/she does we cultivate appreciation in them. Our spouse will get on our nerves at times, it’s only human, but when we look past that is when we are truly exemplifying God’s grace throughout our marriage.

    militarywifeys last blog post..Getting lost in the gospel…of Christian books

  2. @militarywifey: It is what we make of it– we can only control our reactions, not how others act. We can determine to be happy, content, and look at each other as God sees us or we can choose to look at each other as source of irritation. The choice is ours.

  3. @Mary: I can’t take all the credit for this one. This series is an outgrowth of the sermon that my Pastor preached on Sunday. The main points are his, though a lot of the detail may be mine. 🙂

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