May 28, 2022

What First Time Visitors Need To Know About Church

BricksI don’t know how many of you have gotten a chance to read Stuff Christians Like, but it’s scary how on target this guy is and how much his wit shows us the folly of a lot of what passes for worshiping God.

His post on First Time Visitors struck a chord with me as I thought about just how much our culture has changed when it comes to church:

I don’t know what we should say to first time visitors. That’s a little foggy to me. At the church I start called GracePointeLifeTruthHouseNorth I’ll probably say something like,

“If this is your first time, thanks for coming. Church is kind of weird, isn’t? I mean today we’re going to sing songs to the person we feel breathed into existence the universe and the sea horse. We’re going to learn about the person who we feel is most important but we’ve never actually seen. We’re going to tell you how a book that is thousands of years old can help you have a better day tomorrow in your cubicle at work. And then we’re going to cut you off in the parking lot after church cause we’re still pretty messed up. It’s going to be a little weird today but we hope you’ll come back next week. Because even though it’s weird, it’s also wild and wonderful.”

Christianity is a series of contradictions in the minds that look at it from the outside.  I’ve long thought that Christians today have it backwards.  We’re not supposed to be bringing people to church so that they come to know the Lord, but bringing them to church after they are saved so that they might grow.  This post highlights this problem.

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One thought on “What First Time Visitors Need To Know About Church

  1. I hope he doesn’t really say that to the newcomers! Although it might be a good ice-breaker.
    I’d like to hear more of what you have to say on this topic. I don’t go to church, because even though I’ve been a Christian all my life, other Christians make me feel very uncomfortable, especially when I’m in “their” territory (church). It’s just never been a very positive experience for me.

    alicias last blog post..The Little House on the Praire Series

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