April 12, 2024

Threaded Comments

Help One of the things that makes commenting difficult on blogs (for me at least) is trying to keep a line of discussion going.  Since there is no hierarchy to comments, you’re not always able to keep track of what’s being said to whom.  This is one of the things that forums do a much better job of managing.

So, in an attempt to better our conversation, I’ve downloaded and installed WordPress Thread Comment, a plugin that should allow you to reply to the person that commented, and thus keep a more coherent chain.  We’ll try this out for a little while and see what you think.

Please feel free to test out this new interface below.

Ok, that isn’t going to work.  I tried the plugin, but it’s conflicting with not only the template, but the AJAX Edit Comments.  So, it’s getting turned off.  Man, that plugin had promise too…  Anyone got any other suggestions?

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